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            2020-11-27 22:24 來源:網絡

            【藏 品 類 型】錢 幣

            [collection type]Coins

            【藏 品 年 代】清 末

            [collection date] late Qing Dynasty

            【藏 品 數 量】一組

            [collection quantity]One group

            【藏 品 起 拍 價】:26萬

            [starting price of collection]: 260000


            As one of the four ancient civilizations in the world, China is the only country with the longest and uninterrupted history in the world. Thousands of years of inheritance, intelligent and hard-working ancestors created exquisite and practical ancient coins, containing rich and extraordinary historical value and artistic appreciation value. It is reported that after the development and expansion of China's art market in 2005, as a collection category, ancient coins have expanded rapidly, forming a huge collection market in China. The market value of ancient coins is determined by the amount of ancient coins and the cultural connotation and quality of coins.


            This silver dollar [Guangxu Yuanbao silver dollar in Qing Dynasty] has a circle of beads on the front. The center on the back of the Chinese "Guangxu Yuanbao" is a picture of a dragon, with the upper and lower rings in English. This Guangxu Yuanbao is superior in quality. The dragon on the back is a full scale picture with exquisite taste. Its aesthetic style is unique. On the front of the coin, the fusion of Manchu and Han culture is rarely seen, while on the back of the coin, the intervention of western culture is clearly marked. It has the advantages of deep typing, clear circulation trace, clear dragon scale, high investment value and collection value. It is a revolutionary cultural relic with high value and profound historical significance.


            Qianlong Tongbao is the coin that Emperor Qianlong, Emperor Gaozong of the Qing Dynasty, ascended the throne in 1735 A.D. and exerted his "cultural, political and martial arts" strategy during his 60 years in power, creating the last glorious age in the feudal society. After that, it was widely said that wearing the "Qianlong Tongbao" copper coin could drive away disasters and evil spirits, and it was loved by later generations of collectors because of Qianlong's homophonic "Qianlong". Recently, Weiheng (Chongqing) had the honor to ask a group of "Qianlong Tongbao" to participate in the poly auction. This collection has a thick coating on the surface, and the copper coins have a beautiful color after years of precipitation. It was identified as Qianlong period in Qing Dynasty. It has great collection value and investment potential.