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            壽山田黃瑞獸印章 精品賞析

            2021-09-25 11:46 來源:網絡


            [collection name]: Shoushan tiaohuang auspicious animal seal


            [collection quantity]: one piece

            【藏品簡介】:田黃石,是出產于中國福建省壽山鄉壽山村的一種著名珍稀篆刻名石,與其它產自壽山的石材統稱為“壽山石”,田黃為壽山石中最優良的品種之一。因其產量稀少,而顯彌足珍貴,清朝時曾受到皇帝的寵愛,早有“易金三倍”之說,享有“石帝”之美譽! 早在一千多年前,我國已有人開始采集田黃石,到了明清兩代田黃更是盛名于世。許多達官顯貴,文人雅士競相刻意收集田黃石。相傳清初時期皇帝祭祀天地,神案上都少不了一方上品田黃石。

            [collection introduction]: Tian Huangshi is a famous rare seal cutting stone produced in Shoushan village, Shoushan Township, Fujian Province, China. Together with other stones produced in Shoushan, it is collectively referred to as "Shoushan Stone". Tian Huangshi is one of the best varieties of Shoushan stone. Because of its scarce output, it is precious. It was favored by the emperor in the Qing Dynasty. It has long been said that "Yi Jin is three times" and enjoys the reputation of "stone emperor"!   As early as more than a thousand years ago, people in China began to collect Tian Huangshi. Tian Huangshi was even more famous in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Many dignitaries and scholars competed to collect Tian Huangshi. It is said that in the early Qing Dynasty, the emperor offered sacrifices to heaven and earth, and there was no lack of a top-grade Tian Huangshi in the God case



            Tianhuang is warm and greasy, ranking first among soft carved stones. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it was presented to the imperial palace as a tribute and carved into imperial seals and artistic ornaments. Therefore, Tian Huangshi was respected as "the king of stones" and "the emperor of stones", so its value was unparalleled. From the attribute of Tian Huangshi, all carved works of art can be treated as cultural relics, because it cannot be copied and belongs to works of art without regeneration.



            Tianhuang stone ground is fine and moist, with many radish patterns. Its shape is oval and its edges and corners are not obvious. You can't see the bleeding of color lines, and feel it with your hand. The surface is often wrapped with a thin layer of yellow or black stone skin. Through the stone skin, its internal texture is warm and delicate. Under the strong light, it can be seen that there are dense but not disorderly silk screen like fine textures in the radish, namely "radish pattern". Its texture is like red tendons. Its color is different in depth and shade. According to the hue, it can be divided into golden yellow, loquat yellow, orange peel yellow, chicken oil yellow, cooked chestnut yellow, tung oil yellow, etc. The best color of tianhuangshi is golden yellow, orange yellow and loquat yellow. Yellowstone has a golden luster. The translucent or more transparent Tian Huangshi, called Tian Huang jelly, is the best of Tian Huangshi.


            今日本公司有幸征集到一件 清壽山田黃瑞獸印章,取“石中之王”田黃石為材,田石肌理清晰,石質潤透凝膩,蘿卜紋清晰密集,顏色瀅黃,凝脂似玉,盈潤剔透。刀筆清俊,所雕瑞獸雄健威猛,喚之欲出。印體大氣,印文雅健流利,遒勁精美,品相完整,實為難得一見之田黃珍品,極為稀罕珍貴,具有極高的收藏價值和賞玩價值。

            Today, the company is lucky to collect a Qingshou mountain Tian Huang Rui animal seal, which is made of Tian Huangshi, the "king of stones". The texture of Tian stone is clear, the stone is moist and greasy, the radish grain is clear and dense, the color is bright yellow, the curd is like jade, moist and transparent. The sabre and pen are clean and handsome. The auspicious beast carved is strong and powerful. It wants to come out. India is elegant, healthy, fluent, powerful and exquisite. It is a rare treasure of Tianhuang. It is extremely rare and precious. It has high collection value and appreciation value.